Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No One Is In A Position To Be As Responsible with Your Money You

The money I earn is hard won. And I know I'm not the only one. In fact, at this point in my life I may not work as hard as someone who loads frieght trucks for a living (did that in grad school), waits tables or cooks in a restaurant (high school and college), landscaping (high school too), and a bunch of other professions I never had the opportunity to explore. But our earnings come from the strength of our backs, the creativity of our ideas, and the sweat of our efforts. We have a vested interest in being economically responsible.

Let me repeat something I mentioned in a previious this blog--this is not a policital soap box. Having made that disclaimer again, our elected policticians have their shorts in a twist at the bonuses paid to several dozen company executives, at the cost of a few hundred millions dollars. Has anyone missed the contradiction (some may call it hypocritical) that only a week before, the president signed a spending bill that I understand had over 8,000 ear-marks (pet spending projects put in there by both democratic and republican legistators to benefit businesses in their districts) that cost billions. And this bill was signed after a campaign that promised no ear-mark spending, also called "pork barrel"? I like the term "pork barrel" better--it's more descriptive of the purpose of this use of yours and my dollars--spending our money for their for political purposes.

The reality is no one is in a position to be as economically responsible with your money as you are. You earned it. You and your family depend on it now and in the future. They are your first priority. You have a critical interest in seeing that you keep more of what you earn, that your savings are safe, and that you and your family have a better tomorrow than yesterday.

What is the saying? "Charity starts at home"? We can change that to say "economic responsibility starts at home". And, if the blogs on this site peak your interest, give me a call so we can discuss your situation.

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